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First of all, we're sorry to hear that something is wrong with your Android screen. Actually it is not a rare problem because a lot of friends asked us the same question about how to recover data from a phone with a black screen. After all, accidents can easily happen on your Android phone. For example, your Android phone fell out of your hands and dropped onto the floor, or your Android device is infected by viruses, or the phone suddenly crashes, etc.

No matter what the reason for your black-sscreen Android phone is, you can still restore the Android data back without hesitation. What you need is effective solutions, which allows you to regain your data, such as text messages, contacts, pictures, call log, WhatsApp data, videos and audio files from an Android phone with a black screen.

recover data from phone with black screen

Part 1: Why Does the Screen Go Black on Your Android Phone?

Many Android users have gone through the screen getting black, but it is not a big deal. Actually, many situations will make a screen black.

- Malicious apps on your Android phone: Generally, the apps you download from your phone app store are safe, but if you have installed an app from an insecure website, the app might be malicious.

- An app not compatible with your device: Apart from unsafe apps, those incompatible apps will lead to a black screen on your mobile phone.

- System bugs: Have you flashed a customized operating system on your Android phone? If yes, it is probably the reason to cause the black screen. Or you have updated to the latest version, but your phone is too old to support the new system.

- Physical damages: Sometimes, even though you cannot see any broken damage on the surface of your phone after dropping it to the ground carelessly, it doesn't mean there is no damage inside. Thus, your screen goes black.

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Part 2: How Can You Recover Data from Phone with Black Screen Effectively?

When your phone gets black or broken or cracked, the first thought should be attempting to rescue your data from Android phone. However, since your Android phone gets a black screen or broken screen, you can't access and perform your Android phone normally as usual. But luckily, there are 4 opportunities for you to recover your data from the black-screen phone.

Way 1: Remove and Check the SD Card

Inserted an SD card into your Android phone? Then you can retrieve this part of the data by removing the card from the phone with a black screen.

Use an ejection pin and push into the whole to release the card tray. Then take the micro memory card out. Next, connect the card to your computer via a card reader, and check if there is the data you need. If yes, you can copy or move the data to your computer.

get your data back from the phone with black screen by removing the sd card

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Way 2: Connect Your Android Phone to a Computer

In some cases, when the phone's display is black, but you still can access the phone internal storage on your computer, as long as you have made your computer recognize your cellphone.

In this case, you can connect the Android phone with a black screen to your computer via a USB cable. Then double-click "This PC" and access your Android device. Subsequently, drag and drop your Android files to the computer.

move data from the phone with black screen to the computer via usb cable

Way 3: Check Your Google Backup

If you back up your phone data regularly with your Google account, then you can regain your backup data with your account. To check if there is the backup data on your Google Drive, you can open the Google Drive web on your computer, and sign in with the account. Then click the "Backups" option to view your backup files.

check your google backup to retrieve your data from the phone with black screen

Besides, you can restore a Google backup file to a new Android phone during the setup.

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Way 4: Transfer Data from Phone with Black Screen via Android Data Extraction

When you can not directly export Android data by connecting your device to a computer via a USB cable, for you cannot manually enable USB debugging mode on your phone, you can easily resolve this problem with this Android Phone Black Screen Data Recovery software.

Powerfully, the recoverable data includes photos, videos, music, audios, contacts, call history, text messages, message attachments, WhatsApp, WhatsApp attachments, documents, and many more. Thus, you can recover both of media files and text files as you like. And all the recovered Android data will be saved in the original and non-damaged formats so that you don't need to worry about compatibility after recovery.

Of course, you can choose the location you want to store those recovered Android files on your computer before recovering. However, at present, this software only supports some Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 5/Note 4/Note 3, and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1.

Download this black-screen Android recovery program.

download win version of android data extraction

Here's how to recover data from a black screen Samsung phone:

Step 1. Install the Program and Make a Connection

After downloading and installing the program on your PC, please connect your black screen Android to the computer via a USB cable. Then the program will detect the connected Android phone instantly. Click "Broken Android Phone Data Extraction" from the left.

launch the android phone black screen recovery software

Step 2. Select the Model of Your Android Phone

- Click the "Start" button, and then choose your phone's name and model. Then, click "Confirm" to see whether your Android phone is supported to be fixed by the program.

black screen android recovery

- Follow the direction on the interface to enter the download mode. After that, click "Start" button to fix your phone.

enter download mode to retrieve your phone data

Step 3. Extract Data from the Phone with Black Screen

The program will scan your phone data automatically. Now, you can enter the file types from the left sidebar and mark the data you want to recover; click "Recover" to extract the selected files from your Android phone to the computer.

select and recover files from the phone with black screen via the recovery software

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Maybe you think it is impossible to recover data from an Android phone with a black screen, but now, you have 4 methods to get your data back. Certainly, if your phone is supported by the Black Screen Android Data program, you can download and register this tool to extract your data from a damaged phone.

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