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Have you ever tried faking your location? The fun and joy it comes with is unimaginable. You can access Pokemon Go and other services without any restrictions. Even though iTools location spoof is an acknowledged functional location spoofer tool, it still has limitations.

One limitation is that it only supports iOS devices. So, Android users must look for another alternative to spoof location on their devices. This calls for iTools virtual location alternatives. This guide will provide the top 10 iTools virtual location alternatives.

itools virtual location alternatives

Part 1: Necessity of Getting Alternatives to iTools Virtual Location

iTools Virtual Location software has shortcomings that make users look for alternative software. Below are some limitations that are associated with the iTools virtual location tool.

- iTools Virtual Location app is costly for most people.

- Some users have complained of complications while using the tool in a system with an antivirus.

- Android users cannot use the tool.

- Before Wi-Fi sync, iTunes should be already installed on the device.

This is the importance of using iTools virtual location alternative tools.

Part 2: Powerful iTools Virtual Location Alternatives

Below are the best iTools virtual location alternatives to try.

1. GPS Changer for iOS and Android

This GPS Changer software is an effective location changer that simplifies the process of adjusting the GPS location. This powerful application makes it easier to change your Android or iOS device's location to anywhere you want. If you are an avid player of AR games and want to adjust your location settings according to your particular preferences, then this application will provide the best experience.

Highlights and features of this iTools location spoofing alternative:

- Compatible with both Android and iOS devices (iOS 16 and Android 12 supported).

- Show your specific virtual location on social media applications.

- Fake location easily when you play Pokemon Go.

- Manage and control your GPS location on most iOS devices.

- Joystick feature that helps you move on the map freely.


- It has a joystick feature to simulate GPS.

- Save all routes you used.

- Very safe and won't compromise your privacy.

- Work well for most Android and iOS mobile phones.


- You need to connect your phone to a computer to fake GPS.

- Need to register to get full features.

Download this virtual location changer on your computer.

download win version of virtual location changerdownload mac version of virtual location changer

Below is a step-by-step guide for spoofing locations using this desktop app like iTools:

Step 1. Install the GPS Spoofer Software

Please install and launch this software and tap the "Get Started" icon. Then connect your iPhone or Android device to your PC via a USB cable.

use this virtual location changer to replace itools

Step 2. Select Your Device and Load the Map

- Click the "Trust" on iPhone, and enable USB debugging on Android. Then select your mobile device on the interface, and tap "OK" for the connection.

- After the connection, the software will load the map.

choose your device on the interface

Step 3. Change GPS Location with 1 Click

- Tap the "Teleport Mode" icon on the upper menu, and Then probe for your ideal location in the search box located in the top right section.

- After selecting your preferred virtual location, a menu will pop up on the screen. The menu incorporates the details of your preferred location, for instance, distance, coordinates, and place name. Click on the "Move" button on the sidebar to adjust your location.

fast change gps location with this alternative to itools

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2. Mock Locations

Mock Location is an application that enables you to mock the location of your device. It enables you to randomly alter your location to your desired one. The software is free; however, a premium version is very effective as it includes a wide range of unique features. When you install this app, you'll have a trial period of 1 day.

fake gps location via mock locations without itools


- Allow you to create routes and roads.

- Incorporate a free and premium version.

- Enable teleportation to different locations.

- Include diverse customized options to set a preferred location.


- The trial time is very short.

- The premium version is costly.

- Non-comprehensive features in comparison to other effective tools.

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3. Fake GPS Location Spoofer

Fake GPS Location Spoofer is another nice app that allows you to adjust your location according to your preference. If you want to confirm your real location, you click on the Satellite Mode. The software incorporates a free version and a pro version. However, the free version has many ads that make the operation slow.

fake gps location spoofer is an app like itools to change virtual locations


- The free version and paid version are available.

- A comprehensive location manager integrates several operations, including time and data collection.

- No root.


- The free version is quite brief and has many irritating ads.

- The pro version is quite expensive.

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4. Fake GPS Run

Fake GPS Run is a superb iTools virtual location alternative program. This program simplifies the process of teleporting with your device to any location. In addition, the program allows you to share the location with your friends.

use the fake gps run app to change location on android phone


- Support rooted and unrooted Android devices.

- Effective teleportation from your device to any location.

- Load map fast.


- Mandatory configuration before usage.

- It's restricted in features.

- Support Android OSes only.

5. Lexa's Fake GPS Location

Lexa's GPS Location is a powerful location-changing program suitable for Android devices. This outstanding program incorporates many unique and integrated operations, for instance, location bookmarks. The software allows you to randomly select your location records, and you can automatically hoax your location periodically.

use the fake gps location app on android instead of itools


- It has many in-built features.

- Users can select to spoof their location periodically.

- Include a comprehensive Tasker Support interface.


- It is only compatible with Android devices.

- Sometimes, your phone cannot restore to the real location after using this app.


Though it does not have an in-built location spoofer, ExpressVPN is a powerful software that operates by re-routing several IP locations. The program provides excellent VPN service for both iOS and Android users. Additionally, the software provides you with a formidable server network, excellent privacy and security, and accessibility to several streaming platforms.

change virtual location via expressvpn


- Allow you to choose a country or an area worldwide.

- Provide top-notch privacy.

- It can re-route to five IP locations.


- You must buy a subscription before you can use the app.

- It does not incorporate an in-built GPS spoofer.

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iTeleporter is a wonderful iTool Virtual Location alternative that can fake your location anywhere. The app is very suitable as you just need to download it to your device and start using it. It incorporates a headphone jack and a charging port. It is easy and safe to use, thus allowing you to fake your location without damaging your device.

use iteleport to replace itools to fake gps location


- You do not need a PC to utilize this device.

- Work effectively on non-jailbroken gadgets.

- Operate with a perfectly accurate location spoofing strategy.


- Incompatible with Android devices.

- It is quite costly to purchase the device and the application.

8. Relocate

Relocate is a popular and powerful application used to fake locations. It is only compatible with iOS devices. The application allows you to adjust your location settings without any unnecessary complications. The program is freely available, but you will be required to jailbreak your iOS device before utilizing it.

run relocate to change virtual location on ios devices without itools


- It is available for free.

- Free from unnecessary complications.


- Android devices are not supported.

- Require jailbreaking of your iOS device.

- Cannot find it on the Apple App Store.

9.SurfShark VPN

SurfShark upgraded its algorithm to include a GPS spoofing feature that allows Android users to reinforce their privacy and security through IP addresses and physical GPS tracking.

fake location via the vpn app


- Provide unlimited connections at a time.

- Effective function and data encryption.


- Mandatory subscription before usage.

- P2P servers are slow.


The aforementioned iTools virtual location alternatives are the best among the rest. After reading the article, you will realize that GPS changer is arguably the superior software for faking locations. This is not only because it is free from the cumbersome process of rooting your Android phone or jailbreaking your iOS device.

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