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Well, just want to sync outlook with your Android phone/tablet? Actually, you are in the right place. Now, let's see how to easily sync outlook with Android in an easy way!

How to Sync Outlook with Android Phone/Tablet:

1. Open Outlook on your computer. Go to File > Options > Export > Export to a file > Next. Now, in the file type tab, you need to select the Comma-separated values option to continue.

2. Go to Select Folder tab to choose contacts files as wanted and needed. Then click on Save exported file option and specify a folder to save the exported files.

3. Then go to Gmail homepage and sign into your account. Now, go to Contacts > More > Import > Choose file. Then navigate to the files saved on the computer and import these files.

4. Finally, log into Google account on your Android device and these exported files from outlook will be automatically uploaded to your Android phone.

That's how you rely on Gmail to transfer files from outlook to Android phone/tablet. Also, you can rely on other third-party application like Outlook-Android Sync to sync outlook with Android. But one thing you need to know it that you can only sync contacts and native calendar between outlook and Android phone/tablet.

Editor's Choice: Sync Files between Android and Computer

So if you want to make a phone backup of the important files on Android phone, you are highly suggested to use this Android Mobile Manager, to transfer files between Android and the computer. With this software, you can easily and freely transfer anything between Android and the computer including contacts, messages, videos, photos, music, apps and many more. Regardless of the file quantity, this software can always do it within a little while.

And this software is super easy to operate:

> Open the installed software on the computer and get your Android phone connected to the computer.

> Then enable USB debugging on your Android phone if needed and then preview files on the main interface.

> Now, choose the files you want to transfer from Android to computer. Finally, hit the Export option to transfer files from Android to computer in one click. You can also select other options to manage Android files as wanted and needed.

So what are you waiting for? You can fully rely on this powerful Android Mobile Manager to freely sync files between Android and the computer as you needed!

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