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Are you a Pokemon game enthusiast and want to catch rare Pokemon? Or you want to use a new location on your social platform to surprise your friends? Anyway, a great technique for faking your Android phone's location to regions is to use an undetectable mock location app. Apart from playing mobile games that require you to change your location, you can also use fake GPS apps to hide your actual location for privacy and security reasons and to access location-restricted resources.

However, many Android location spoofing applications exist, and choosing the right one can be daunting. As a result, we have created a detailed review of the best Android GPS spoofing applications that you may consider.

undetectable mock location app

Part 1: What Is the Function of a Mock Location Application? (8 Options)

The mock location apps for Android are used to fake the user's actual location. With these apps, you do not have to physically move to your region of interest. You only need to set a location to which you want to move, and the application will change your device's GPS location to that specific region.

The most excellent thing about these location-changing apps is that they fully change your mobile device's location, such that even the other device's apps use the fake location as their real GPS location. This allows the Android device's users to access geo-restricted content, play their best AR games effectively and keep their locations anonymous for privacy and security reasons.

Part 2: What Are the Best Fake GPS Apps?

Do you want to fake your Android device's location and do not know the best application to use? The review below will help you choose an outstanding location spoofing application:

1. Location Changer

Location Changer is a peerless GPS spoofing application that is trusted by millions across the globe. This application is developed using cutting-edge technology that enables users to change the device's location and set a movement route using a customized speed.

It also allows you to play AR games without stepping out of your house, hide your location from friends, family, and spying eyes, and fake your movement route using a customized speed. This application works natively on almost all Android and iOS versions and allows users to search for their destinations using location coordinates, which is very helpful when playing AR games.

Key features of this best mock location app:

- Fake locations on mobile phones with easy taps.

- Spoof GPS when you play Pokemon Go on Android without effort.

- Allow you to freely select positions on the map.

- Share virtual locations and save your favorite routes.

- Work natively with location-based applications such as social platforms, AR games, etc.

- You can use a joystick to simulate GPS movement while playing mobile games freely.


- Support importing and exporting GPX files.

- Precisely locate your target position on the map.

- Game mode and Social mode are supported.


- The full version is not free.


- $14.99 per month.

Download this GPS spoofing app.

download win version of android mock location softwaredownload mac version of android mock location software

Here's how to use this fake location app on a computer:

Step 1: Download the latest version of the application and install it on your PC/Mac. Launch it, and click the "Get Started" button. Select the USB connection type and link the Android phone to the PC using a USB cord.

use this android mock location software

Step 2: Choose your device and click "OK". Then enable the debugging mode on the Android device by tapping on the "System version" or "Build Number" button seven times and clicking on the "Allow" popup.

fake android location

Step 3: Select "Gaming" or "Social" mode, depending on your intentions, and the application will begin loading. After a few minutes, the program will install the Android version on your mobile device. After completing the installation process, choose the "Select mock location app" option from the "Developers options" and choose this app.

select a mode to fake gps

Step 4: Click on "Teleport Mode" and choose a destination from the map by either entering the location's GPS coordinates or selecting the destination from the map. After that, move to the new location by clicking the "Move" button.

move to new location with this mock location app

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2. Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go

Fake GPS joystick and Routes Go is one of the best fake GPS applications. It allows users to fake their Android phone's GPS location and accomplish several tasks, such as accessing location-restricted content, playing AR games, and more. The Fake GPS joystick application is a go-to option if you're looking for a reliable location spoofing app.

helpful fake location app

Key features:

- You can download it from Play Store.

- A secure application.

- The fake location is sometimes rebooted.

- Requires rooting.


- Have a user-friendly interface.

- Allow you to use any place as your current location.

- Have many tools to execute various actions on your Android device.


- Not available for iOS devices.

- Prone to errors.

- Have no customer support team.


- Cost $3.99.

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3. Fake GPS location - Hola

Hola app is one of Android's best fake GPS apps. This app allows you to change your location in just a few simple steps without necessarily rooting your device.

It has a joystick option that makes it easier to switch locations. The location faking process is easy, and once completed, your phone will automatically start using your chosen virtual location.

holo fake gps app for android

Key features:

- Support various map types.

- Change the Android device's location.

- Work natively with other Android applications.

- Users can share their fake locations.


- Save routines easily.

- Allow you to select a location of your choice around the world.

- Allow you to switch to new locations using a joystick.


- Pokemon Go may fail to detect the virtual location you have set.

- Have random issues.


- $4.95 per month.

4. Fake GPS 360

Next on the list is Fake GPS 360, an all-in-one fix to your location-faking needs. With it, you can quickly and easily change your phone's location to any virtual location.

It allows you to search for any new location using its search features, such as the coordinate option and the globe map displayed on your device's screen. You can also mark your favorite locations and add them to your favorites list for later use.

fake gps 360 for android

Key features:

- A user can save his/her favorite route.

- Override your real proximity.

- Fly your GPS to different cities instantly.


- Provide several ways of selecting new GPS locations.

- Custom location accuracy.

- Have a joystick to allow you to select new locations.


- Sometimes shut down on its own.


- $4.99 per month.

5. VPNa - Fake GPS Location Go

VPNa is also a useful mock location app for Android. As the name suggests, this application functions like a VPN and is easily usable due to its user-friendly interface.

vpna fake gps app

Key features:

- A user can fake his/her location anywhere on Earth.

- Make the experience fun by adding avatars.

- Users can save locations for future reference.

- The GPS location sometimes automatically resets.


- Enable users to share their locations.

- You don't necessarily have to root the device.

- Allow you to set up new locations quickly.


- Doesn't have a joystick option.


- Free application.

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6. Fly GPS

If you've ever looked for location-faking apps online, you've most likely come across the Fly GPS app. This amazing application offers all the required features for changing your device's GPS location. It features a joystick option that helps you change your location to any virtual location without hassle.

fly gps, an android mock location app

Key features:

- Allow users to connect to different fake locations.

- Enable users to spoof their locations easily.

- Have a joystick feature that makes connecting to a new fake location easy.


- Allow you to save your favorite locations for future use.

- Multiple search engines on the map.


- The Pokemon Go may fail to detect your newly set virtual location frequently.


- Free.

7. Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer

Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer App lets you change your device's location to a place of your choice. It offers standard location-faking features for all Android phones and is easily usable.

gps spoofing app for android

Key features:

- Enable users to fake their locations easily.

- A user can create a movement route and set a customized speed.

- Save frequently used routes.

- No need to root the device.


- Work with your location-based apps.

- Create custom routes.

- Modify your location change frequency.


- Consume a lot of power.

- Some applications may fail to detect your set virtual location.


- Have a free plan

- $4.99 one-time payment for the paid plan.

8. Fake GPS Run

This app allows you to change your location to any part of the world in just two clicks. Fake GPS Run displays a world map on your Android phone's screen and lets you select a virtual location. It is one of the best Android fake location applications available today.

fake gps run app for spoofing locations

Key features:

- Allow users to mock their device's locations.

- Allow users to travel virtually using a customized speed.

- Work natively with location-based applications.


- Change update intervals.

- Find locations using coordinates.

- Have a map that lets you pinpoint your desired virtual location.


- Can lose your specified location.

- Not support some apps.

- Users may face problems when launching the app.


- A free app with ads.


You now understand the various mock location applications you can use on your Android device. However, different GPS spoofing applications have different features and reliability levels. As such, it is prudent to choose a reliable mock location application. We recommend using Location Changer, an undetectable mock location application that lets you fake your real location and reliably create a virtual route using a customized speed.

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