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Pokemon Go has become a global sensation, with millions of players immersed in the game. This game has taken the world by storm and encourages users to go the extra mile to catch more Pokemons. Despite the tiered discipline policy, it is challenging for players to resist cheating to acquire rare Pokemons or items, necessitating cooldown periods.

To combat cheating however, Pokemon Go has established GPS security measures in the form of Cooldown Time, an in-game feature intended to catch players who use location spoofing apps. This ensures that all participants play fairly and enjoy a fair playing field. This technique is used to stop the players from engaging in the same activity repeatedly in multiple locations within a specific timeframe.

Players are often left confused when it comes to teleporting in Pokemon Go without risking a cooldown. But worry not, as we are here to help you understand the Pokemon Go cooldown chart and how to avoid getting bans.

pokemon go cooldown chart

Part 1: Basics Regarding Pokemon Go Cooldown

1.1 What's Pokemon Go Cooldown?

Don't be overwhelmed if "Pokemon Go cooldown" sounds unfamiliar. Essentially, it means that after a particular move in the game, players must wait for a certain amount before proceeding with another. However, it depends on the distance traveled, and the higher it is, the higher the cooldown time. Some of your actions will trigger cooldown time.

For instance, activities such as catching a Pokemon, Gym raids/battles, and spinning a Pokestop don't require cooldown periods. Other actions like teleporting, trading with other players, or hatching eggs do not trigger the cooldown timer in Pokemon Go. Importantly, most spoofing apps can't control or reduce your cooldown time since it is already in-built into Niantic's system.

1.2 How Does Pokemon Go Cooldown Work?

The cooldown policy was specifically crafted to prevent players from cheating while playing the game or if they engage in reckless behavior, such as playing Pokemon Go when driving. The Pokemon GO cooldown duration is determined by how far apart your starting and ending locations are. Generally, you should wait two hours after your last action before moving to the new spot. For instance, if you had a fight at location A at 1 pm, you should wait until 3 to take another action at B.

1.3 How Do You Know You Are in Cooldown?

Are you on a Cooldown? Here are some signs that may help you recognize it:

1. If the Pokemon you're attempting to capture fails every time you try, this indicates a cooldown.
2. If "Try Again Later" pops up on your screen while spinning Pokestops
3. If you can't place Pokemon in Gyms or participate in Gym raids
4. When trying to attach to a gym, you get a "Gym Battle Finished" notification.

All these show that you're in cooldown. So, you must wait for some time before heading to the next location.

Part 2: What Causes Pokemon Go Cooldown

If you find yourself amid an unexpected cooldown, it's possible that you were unaware of certain policies and regulations. To ensure that this doesn't happen again, here is a comprehensive list outlining all activities that could potentially trigger a cooldown period. Take heed to these activities so as not to receive any soft bans:

2.1 Activities That May Lead to Cooldown in Pokemon Go

- Capturing the wildest Pokemon.

- Discreetly tossing Pokeballs onto your screen.

- Feeding wild or raid bosses with berries to lure them in closer.

- Spinning a PokeStop even after it's reached its item limit.

- Positioning defender Pokemon strategically around any gym.

- Feeding defenders the screen radar.

- Taking advantage of the Gotcha device for spinning and catching.

2.2 Activities That Can't Result in Cooldown in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has many exciting features, but one of the most fascinating aspects is that certain actions will not trigger a cooldown. These include:

- Teleporting to different locations.

- Bumping into new wild Pokemon.

- Automatically walking (excluding spinning and catching).

- Hatching/evolving/powering up/trading/transferring Pokemon.

- Receiving quest rewards or weekly bonuses.

- Speed raiding, exchanging gifts, and using potions or other items in the game. etc.

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Part 3: Pokemon Go Soft Bans

3.1 What's a Pokemon Go Soft Ban?

You may experience a soft ban due to spoofing your GPS location, performing actions too quickly, or sharing accounts. Though this won't cause serious impacts on your account, it does have the following impacts:

1. All Pokemon you've caught will run away during the ban, regardless of which type of ball or berries were used.

2. Gamers will not win in any gym fights or take from PokéStops. Besides, spinning won't work either.

Niantic has developed an innovative Three-Strike Discipline Policy to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience. Strike 1 consists of mild punishment; Strike 2 entails account suspension; and finally, the third strike will permanently deactivate your account. All gamers must consider these consequences.

3.2 How Soft Ban Comes in Pokemon Go

If you break the PGSharp cooldown rules by, for example, traveling in a short time too quickly and frequently, then prepare to face the consequences of Pokemon Go's soft ban. So, if you don't abide by the conditions set forth to avoid a cooldown period, be sure you will get soft bans.

3.3 How Long Will the Soft Ban in Pokemon Go Last?

If you've received a soft ban when playing Pokemon Go, just be patient and follow the game rules. For instance, if a Pokemon escapes while trying to catch it after changing your plan, there is a waiting period before taking any further action. This cooldown time depends on how far you've traveled. The maximum waiting period is two hours. The pogo cooldown chart will help you avoid these restrictions to play safe on the Pokemon hunting spree.

3.4 Evade Soft Bans with Pokemon Go Cooldown Chart

To steer clear of soft bans, adhere strictly to the cooldown chart discussed below. The time for cooling off is directly related to the distance moved. This timer begins when you carry out an action that records your current location. Before committing any activity in a new spot, you must wait until the cooldown period ends.

pogo cooldown chart

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Part 4: How to Play Pokemon Go Without Cooldown Time

With cooldown times, Pokemon Go players cannot cheat while playing the game. So the question arises: Can a program bypass these restrictions undetected? Of course, yes. The tool that can't disappoint you is GPS Changer, a professional program designed to modify location functions. Its built-in security functions let you spoof without house arrest risk, enabling you to move to any location you desire. Thus, you can achieve Pokemon Go spoofing with no cooldown.

This ultimate GPS spoofing app will let you easily use a fake location without worrying about being banned. No jailbreaking on your iOS device or rooting on Android is required, and users can access the Pokemon Go map even in restricted countries. The joystick feature makes traveling in this virtual world easy with no hassle. GPS Changer works well on both iOS and Android devices.

Key highlights of this Pokemon Go spoofing tool:

- Instantly spoof locations for Pokemon Go without trading cooldown.

- Fast fake your GPS location on Android and iOS devices to any part of the world.

- Support changing GPS for Zenly and other social apps.

- Compatible with iOSes and Android OSes, including the latest editions of iOS 16 and Android 13.

- It's fully compatible with location-based apps like Tinder and augmented reality games.

- 3 modes of faking GPS in Pokemon Go.

- You can use its joystick feature to simulate GPS movement while playing Pokemon Go.

- Easily import and export GPX files to save any favorite routes you use.

Download this software for playing Pokemon Go.

download win version of gps changerdownload mac version of gps changer

Here's how to safely spoof your location to bypass cooldown rules with this program:

Step 1. Launch GPS Changer

- Start by downloading and installing this location changer software on the computer. After that, click "Get Started", and run it and choose a connection way on the interface: USB or WIFI.

spoof location on pokemon go without cooldown rules

- If you choose USB, please connect your iOS or Android device to the computer via a data cable. Once done, hit "Trust" on the iPhone or enable USB debugging on the Android phone.

Step 2. Choose Teleport Mode

After ensuring a good connection, choose your device from the interface and hit "OK", The map will be up in no time. After that, click on "Teleport Mode" from the upper right corner. Doing this will customize the jumping routes. Ensure you activate the "Cooling" icon located at the lower part of the interface so you can keep an eye on your Cooling Timer.

Step 3. Spoof the Location for Pokemon Go Without PGSharp Cooldown Rules

Once you have chosen your route, click the "Move" button to go to the next point. Of course, you can always switch between points as desired. It is important to note that the PGsharp cooldown timer will count down depending on how far you traveled. So, it is ideal you only take 1 to 9 tasks before the countdown finishes.

change location without cooldown timer for pokemon go

Part 5: FAQs on Pokemon Go Cool down Pokemon Go

Q1. What's the longest cooldown time in Pokemon Go?

When you start playing Pokemon Go and snipping on long distances, you have to wait for a certain cooldown Time to finish before proceeding with the next action. The time varies depending on the distance traveled. The longest time you'll have to wait is 2 hours before you can proceed.

Q2. How many times will I get banned after I get a seven-day suspension in Pokemon Go?

On your first strikes, you will get a warning alert. Technically, you will still be allowed to play, but nothing will be available for a week. Subsequently, on your second strike, you will receive a one-month ban on your account. And on the third strike, your account will be banned permanently.

Q3. What's the Shadowban in Pokemon Go?

When you find yourself shadow-banned, rare Pokemon won't appear on your map. Nonetheless, you can still encounter common Pokemon, join raids, and hatch eggs. Shadow bans are always accompanied by a warning displayed during the player's login process, which must be acknowledged.


Here, we have discussed the Cooldown Time of Pokemon Go and what can trigger it. After gaining knowledge on this game's cooldown time, you can easily teleport to a different area, come across wild Pokemon and even heal Gym defenders with berries. Unfortunately, most spoofers aren't efficient enough to manage this cooldown period, so you should rely on GPS Changer as a great alternative that will ensure you evade the soft bans.

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