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Want to view your Samsung photos on your new iPad? But if you cannot work out how to transfer photos from Samsung phone to iPad, you can't view the pictures on the iPad. To this end, this article shares 7 helpful ways so that you can use them to send photos easily between the different OSes. Now, let's begin your magic trip.

how to transfer photos from samsung phone to ipad

Part 1: How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Phone to iPad in 1 Tap

Here is the efficient Samsung to iPad photo transfer tool, and it can transfer all pictures from Samsung Galaxy to the iPad at a time. Additionally, it can transfer contacts, videos, and audios from Android to iOS with ease. Besides the iPad, it can also work with other iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPod.

Highlights and advantages of this Samsung to iOS images transfer tool:

- Transfer Samsung photos to the iPad in 1 click.

- Support to move contacts, ringtones, and more between iOS and Android devices.

- Send files with the original quality and format.

- Work for many iOS OSes, including iOS 14.

- Compatible with lots of Samsung and other Android devices, such as Samsung Note 20/Note 10/Note 9/Note 8/Note 7, HTC U20/U12 Life/U12+/U11/U19e/U Ultra, LG G8/G7/G6/G5, Sony Xperia 5 II/Xperia 5/Xperia 1 II/ Xperia 1/Xperia 10 II, Google, Huawei, ZTE, and more.

Download this photo transfer program for free below.

download win version of android to ios data transferdownload mac version of android to ios data transfer

Here's how to transfer pictures from the Samsung phone to the iPad with it:

Step 1. Install the Software

Download and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Connect Devices to the Computer

Connect your Samsung and iPad to the Windows or Mac computer with USB. Then follow the on-screen guide. The program will fast recognize both devices.

Step 3. Transfer Images to iPad

- Make sure your Samsung is the Source device, and tick off the "Photos" option on the middle panel.

copy samsung photos to ipad in 1 click

- Then begin sending photos by tapping the "Start to copy" button.

samsung to ipad photo transfer is finished


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Part 2: How to Transfer Pictures from Samsung Phone to iPad via iTunes

iTunes is specifically designed for iOS devices, so why not transfer pictures from the Samsung phone to the iPad with it? It is not as easy as the former, but it can help you complete the transfer.

Guide on how to transfer photos from Samsung to iPad Mini with iTunes:

Step 1. Connect Samsung to PC

Use the USB cable to connect the smartphone to the computer. Then you can open This PC and the phone will show up as a flash drive.

Step 2. Move Samsung Photos to Computer

Create a folder on your computer, and drag the photos from your Samsung device to it.

Step 3. Sync Photos to iPad with iTunes

- Run iTunes and connect the iPad to the computer. Then click the iPad icon, choose the "Photos" option, and select the "Sync Photos" feature.

- Next, tap the "Choose folder" icon to select the Samsung photos. Finally, tap the "Sync" icon to copy the photos to your iPad.

sync images from samsung to ipad via itunes

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Part 3: How to Download Photos from Samsung Phone to iPad with Move to iOS

When you set up your new iPad, you can use the Move to iOS app to transfer all pictures from the Samsung handset to the iPad. You can also transfer messages, contacts, and more at the same time. If you have set up your iOS device, please erase all content and settings, and start again.

Tutorial on how to transfer images from Android to iPad with Move to iOS:

Step 1. Install the App

Please make sure both devices connect to the Wi-Fi network, and install the app on your Samsung phone.

Step 2. Set Up Your iPad

- Set up the iPad until it displays the "Apps & Data" screen. Then tap the "Move Data from Android" > "Continue" icon, and it will appear a digit code on the screen.

- Open the app on Samsung, and tap the "Continue" > "Agree" > "Next" icon. Then enter the code on the Samsung phone, and you will get the "Transfer Data" screen.

Step 3. Send Photos from Samsung to iPad

Select the "Photos" option and tap the "Next" on the Samsung screen. It will start to transfer the Samsung images to the iPad.

transfer pictures to ipad with move to ios

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Part 4: How to Transfer Pictures from Samsung Galaxy to iPad Using SHAREit

SHAREit supports Android and iOS OSes so that you can transfer Samsung files to the iPad with it. It can transfer photos faster than Bluetooth, and the highest speed is up to 20M/s. Furthermore, you can watch online videos on it. However, it contains ads during the transfer.

Steps on how to download photos from Samsung phone to iPad via SHAREit:

Step 1. Install SHAREit

Please install the application on both handsets.

Step 2. Select Photos on Samsung

On the Samsung phone, please open the app, click the "Send" button, and select the desired photos. Once done, tap the "SEND" icon.

Step 3. Connect Samsung and iPad

Click the "Receive" icon on the iPad, and they will search for each other. When your device shows up on the screen, please hit on it. The app will automatically send the selected images to the iPad.

send samsung photos to ipad using shareit

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Part 5: How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to iPad with Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere can transfer files from one device to another with Wi-Fi direct, so it needn't mobile data or Wi-Fi. You can transfer pictures from Samsung to iPad without altering the original format. Amazingly, it allows you to share files with multiple friends via a link. How convenient it is!

Here's how to export Samsung pictures to iPad via Send Anywhere:

Step 1. Download It

Download it from the app store to your Samsung phone and iPad.

Step 2. Pick Data on Samsung

Open the app and pick the pictures you want on the screen. Then click the "SEND" icon. It will offer you a 6-digit key.

Step 3. Receive Pictures on iPad

Please tap the "Receive" tab on the iPad, and input the key. The files will be sent to the destination device.

transfer images from samsung to ios with send anywhere

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Part 6: How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to iPad via Bluetooth

Can we use Bluetooth to transfer photos from Samsung to iPad? Actually, there is a limit between Android and iOS devices due to their different operating systems. Therefore, you cannot pair Samsung to iPad with Bluetooth. If you don't believe that, you can have a try with your devices.

Anyway, Bluetooth can work as you transfer files between Android devices. Besides, you can shares files between iOS devices via AirDrop, which requires you to turn on Bluetooth.

unavailable to transfer photos from samsung to ipad via bluetooth

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Part 7: How to Transfer Images from Android to iPad with Email

Using the mail app, you can transfer several images or other small files from Android to the iPad. In general, you can add an attachment file within 50 MB on an email. If you intend to send groups of pictures, it is time-consuming in this way.

Here's how to transfer images from Android to the iPad using email:

Step 1. Open the Mail App

Please run the mail app on your Samsung device. Then compose a new email.

Step 2. Add Images

Click the "Attachment" icon like a paper clip to add your images to the email.

Step 3. Send Images with Email

Type your own email address on the receiver, and tap the "Send" icon. Then log in with the same email account on the iPad, you will receive the pictures.

send images from samsung to ipad via email


With these dependable solutions above, you can now easily solve the problem of how to transfer photos from Samsung phone to iPad. Undeniably, the Samsung to iPad photo transfer software is the most efficient among them. It can copy all photos to the iPad without a hitch. It is believed that it will be of help to you.

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