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Tinder is the perfect way to explore your dating landscape. It enables you to sift through potential dates to any location easily. Whether embarking on an overseas adventure or relocating somewhere new, switching up your Tinder profile has always been a breeze! The app gives premium users convenient access to change their settings for a fee and offers free alternatives. Continue reading through this article to learn how to change location on Tinder.

how to change location on tinder

Part 1: Frequently Asked Questions on Tinder

Q1. How can you set Tinder to a different location?

When you upgrade to Tinder's premium features, you can decide where your Tinder location is revealed. Tinder premium allows you to snoop on your current location easily. You can also use a powerful location snooping tool, iMyFone AnyTo, to hide your Tinder location.

Q2. Is it possible to find someone on Tinder?

Tinder makes it effortless to find someone from anywhere in the world. To begin, launch your Tinder app and set a location that you want to search from. Afterward, input the name of whom you are searching into the query field and hit "Search." With this tool at hand, finding anyone anywhere is very easy.

Q3. Can I track someone on the Tinder application?

Yes. Tinder tracker spy apps are legal surveillance software solutions installed on the target devices, giving users access to information.

Part 2: Why Tinder Users Fake Their Locations

Tinder relies on the GPS coordinates of its users by default, a sensible approach for an app meant to match people. After all, who wants to find matches in another city or country instead of those close to them? Despite this logic, there are still some reasons why you would like to know how to change your location on Tinder:

1. Want to Know Your Dating Prospect Before Travelling

Don't be in the dark regarding your travel dating prospects! Tinder's location feature allows you to explore and discover potential partners before even making a trip. If, for example, you plan on spending two months in Europe but have no idea what kind of companions await you there. Change your Tinder location and find out who is available without leaving home.

2. When You Want to Find a Dating Scene That is Not Within Your Location

Expand the search radius if you find it hard to meet someone within your city. Tinder lets users change their location to connect with potential dates in other cities or countries. This feature allows daters to travel without leaving home and discover different dating scenes.

3. You Want Privacy

Tinder's location services are a double-edged sword. The same technology that makes it easy to find matches can also be used against you. If you want privacy and don't want your location to be revealed, changing your Tinder location is the best way to go about it.

Part 3: How to Change Location on Tinder Efficiently via GPS Changer

Are you feeling adventurous? GPS Changer is the ultimate way to switch your Tinder location quickly and easily! Whether you're technologically savvy or not, this excellent program works with Windows and Mac OS so that no one gets left behind. With just a few clicks, it makes your device believe that you are at a location of your choice, even without being there physically.

Furthermore, this software can spoof your location for playing Pokemon Go and other social apps. No one will know your real location online. Transform yourself digitally today with GPS Changer.

Key features of this Tinder location spoofer:

- Instantly change your Android location to any location in the world.

- Fake your location on iOS device without hassle.

- Fake GPS for Tinder and other apps, such as Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

- Simulate the GPS movement using a Joystick when playing games.

- Save your best routes using the Export/Import GPX file.

Download this software below.

download win version of gps changerdownload mac version of gps changer

Below are the steps on how to change your current location on Tinder:

Step 1. Launch the Application

Install the application after you download it and launch it on your computer. To proceed, click on the "Get Started" button.

set tinder location with ease

Step 2. Connect Your Phone to the Computer

Use a working USB cable to connect your phone to the computer. Tap on the "Trust" option or turn on USB debugging on your phone, and re-enter your screen password to finish the process. Then map will load automatically once the computer recognizes your phone.

Step 3. Change Country on Tinder

- Select "Teleport Mode" from the menu in the upper right corner. You can now select a location using a mouse or enter the location address manually on the search bar.

- Click on the "Move" button to relocate to a new destination. Verify if you are connected to the new location by opening the location on your Tinder application.

change tinder location fast

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Part 4: How to Change Location on Tinder for Free Using Your Facebook Account

Facebook enables you to change your Tinder location for free without having to pay a cent. All you need is your Facebook account and a little patience.

Follow the below steps to learn how to change the location on Tinder without paying:

Step 1: Launch your Tinder app. On the upper right side of your device's interface, click on the profile photo.

Step 2: Navigate to the section called "About me", and type your new location in the "Edit current city" section.

Step 3: Change all the information according to your target location. Then click on the "Save" button to update your information.

change current location on tinder via facebook account

That is it! You have successfully changed your Tinder location. Now all you need to do is start exploring and discovering great potential partners worldwide.

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Part 5: How to Change Current Location on Tinder Using Tinder Passport Feature

Tinder's passport feature is the perfect tool for changing your location without hassle. Although it only comes with paid subscription plans, all you have to do to use this powerful feature is find a place and pin it for matches.

Follow the below steps to master how to change location on Tinder on iPhones and Android phones:

Step 1: Open your Tinder application, and tap on the profile icon.

Step 2: Tap your "Settings" button, and select the "Location" option.

Step 3: Select a new location by selecting the "Add a new location" button.

change the country on Tinder settings

This is how you can easily change your location on Tinder. This feature allows you to explore different dating scenes, meet potential partners before traveling and ensure privacy.

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Part 6: How to Change Your Location on Tinder Using NordVPN

Tinder NordVPN is an internet connection tool, but you can use it to change your online location on Tinder. It works on Android and iOS devices, so you can easily download and install it on your mobile device, but it is not a free app. You need to subscribe to a plan.

Follow the below steps to understand how to trick tinder location using NordVPN:

Step 1: Install and open NordVPN on your mobile device, and sign up for an account. Then you will get a free trial period.

Step 2: Choose an area that you like to link on the screen. After that, your GPS location will be changed. Then open Tinder, and refresh it. The location will be updated. If not, please change it manually.

change your location on tinder via nordvpn

Part 7: How to Hide Location on Tinder Using Fake GPS app on Android Devices

Fake GPS is a popular Android application that can be used to fake your Tinder location. The process does not require you to root your device or use any complex applications.

Follow the below steps to set your Tinder location via the Fake GPS app:

Step 1: Download the Fake GPS application from Play Store. Launch the "Settings" application on your Android phone and navigate to the "Developers mode". Turn it on and move to the next step.

Step 2: Select the "Allow mock locations" feature from the available options, and tap "Select mock location app" and choose the fake GPS application.

Step 3: Open the app, and change the location mode of your device to GPS only. Next, launch your Tinder application, and you will find yourself in a new location.

change location on tinder using fake gps


Now that you know how to change your location on Tinder, exploring different dating scenes and finding potential partners will be easier. There are multiple ways to change your location. If you want a stable tool to change your location, you can choose the GPS Changer software. It will not expose your real GPS.

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